INDUSTRY INSIDER: Our Interview with a Personal Trainer/ Online Coach.

Next up in our industry experts series, we talk to Wes Patterson, Personal trainer and online coach. We will be discussing all things sport, fitness and recovery.

Wes is the CEO of online coaching program Quick Fitness Llc in Chicago which helps hundreds of individuals with weight loss and muscle gain.

What made you want to become a personal trainer?

I became a P.T after losing 100 pounds in 2014. I felt so good about myself so I wanted to pay it forward by becoming a personal trainer to help others achieve their goals. In March 2020 I opened my fitness company Quick Fitness LLC, which has to be the highlight of my career.

Have you noticed major changes in the industry since starting out?

I’ve seen a big change in the fitness industry ever since Covid hit. The level of work coming my way has doubled as everyone is taking their health more seriously now. People also seem more interested in doing things online. I provide online coaching services. I create 1 month nutrition programs and training programs. Sometimes I train in person but not a lot. I’m more interested in online coaching as this is where the demand is.

We’ve seen you’re vegan. Has that helped you with training?

Becoming vegan has been the best decision of my life. I feel absolutely amazing. My digestive system is 10 times better and I’m still putting on good muscle.

If training is a mindset, what advice can you give people to stay focused and get into a habit?

My advice to anyone that’s trying to achieve their fitness goals is make it into a lifestyle. Come up with a goal, find a trainer/nutritionist, and make hitting the gym a priority in your life.

You must get a lot of aches and pains from all of your training, how do you look after your body?

Yeah my body is sore everyday because my training style is hardcore. My body never adjusts to it because I’m consistently increasing the weight and changing up my workouts every week. To help manage it I use my Flow gun everyday. I use it 10 minutes before I train and 10 minutes post training. On the days I don’t train I massage my entire body with my Flow gun for 15 minutes from head to toe. I use the fork and bullet head for massaging my body and I turn it up to the top speed.

What sort of advice do you give to your clients around recovery?

All of my clients need recovery. Anyone who works out needs to look after their body and I have a couple of clients with past injuries who it’s even more important for. My suggestion to anyone working out is to use a Flow massage gun for 10–15 minutes before training, massaging the muscle group that you’re going to be training. Be sure to dig deep into the muscle and when you’re done training use the flow massage gun to massage the same muscle group for recovery.

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