Introducing the Flow NANO

Flow Recovery
2 min readMar 4, 2022

Introducing Flow’s newest device, the NANO- perfect for every day recovery! It is the world’s first massage device to combine both heat and percussion therapy. The NANO is small enough to fit in your gym bag and even your pocket, while still delivering powerful massage therapy to aid you in your recovery!

In addition to being our most portable device yet, the NANO is ultra-quiet meaning it is perfect to use in the gym or in an office- allowing you to banish those 9–5 aches and pains.

Why is heat & percussion therapy so important to help your recovery?

  • Percussion Therapy increases blood flow, reduces muscle swelling and fatigue, and reduces pain trigger points across the body.
  • Heat therapy warms up sore and tight muscles, and as this increases blood circulation, muscles can retrieve more oxygen and nutrients.

This device comes with 3 levels of intensity for you to choose from, and 3 different heat levels (reaching 46°). It also comes with 4 changeable attachments to help target area specific pain. Pick the setting and attachment that you feel your body needs to make sure you recover in the best possible way.

The NANO comes with a USB-C charger, meaning it is fast charging and a carry bag is also included so you can take your device wherever, whenever.

  • ‘For me to be able to apply that heat so I can warm up faster and get more mobility is something that’s really exciting and will help a lot.’ — Katarina Johnson Thompson
Katarina Johnson-Thompson, World-Champion Heptathlete & Flow Recovery Co-founder

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